Sent Out

We embrace the call of the gospel to go out into the world to love and serve the Lord. Mission happens when we love and serve other people, not ourselves.

All ages can and should participate in mission! Whether we are packing non-perishable lunches for our own ministry to people in need or volunteering with Kids' Meals, we serve together! 

Hand's On Mission

Our latest mission project is a partnership with Green City Recycler, a textile recycling company. Drop off clothing, shoes and other textile recycling in the green bin located on our Linden Street parking lot. In April 2022, we recycled 570 pounds of textiles!

Non-perishable lunches, hygiene items, clothing and blankets are given to anyone in need who comes to the church. Referrals to Christian Community Service Center (CCSC) and other agencies assist with emergency needs like food or housing. 

In 2019, 2,055 lunches were distributed--a number that was drastically reduced during the pandemic. 

Monthly Soup & Serve hand's on mission projects resumed in March 2022. We look forward to more mission opportunities and ways to serve people in 2022!

Click HERE for instructions for hand's on projects you can do at home!