Property For Sale

On June 2, 2019, the congregation of ChristChurch Presbyterian approved a motion "to market and sell the 5001 Bellaire Boulevard property (the main church campus) if the sale provides sufficient funds to build a new church and day care on the 4925 Bellaire Boulevard property (the Fellowship Hall site)."

This is good news! Our hope is to sell our main church property and with the proceeds of the sale construct a new facility next door on the current site of our Fellowship Hall building. Any remaining funds could be used to establish endowments to fund the numerous service projects supported by the congregation or even to support maintenance of the new facility. 

A new building will be more efficient and will allow us to finally house all of our ministries under one roof--including our ChristChurch Learning Center. 

We will update this page as we move through the process of marketing and selling the property, and if those efforts are successful to update the design and construction of the new ChristChurch Presbyterian!

Fritsche Anderson Realty Partners

The church is represented by Tommy Wilson and Jay Cliburn with Fritsche Anderson Realty Partners. All inquiries about our property at 5001 Bellaire Boulevard should be directed to them.